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Winnipeg-based Ufology Research releases annual report on Canadian UFO sightings

Globalnews.ca - Mar 31, 2017
The 2016 Canadian UFO Survey produced by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research was released this week. In total, there were 1,131 sightings of unidentified flying objects reported across Canada. In a first for the 28 years the study has been conducted, only ...

They Are Among Us. Photographing the UFO Believers

TIME - Mar 28, 2017
In the photographer's home country of Italy, there is a growing tribe of 'Ufologists' whose belief in extra-terrestrial life is tantamount to religious certitude. The Centro Ufologico Nazionale (Italian National Ufology Centre) was established in 1967 ...

Wayne Moriarty: Are you set for another out-of-this-world column?

The Province - Apr 21, 2017
According to Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, there were 1,131 of these reports last year. That is down slightly from 2015. So you know, B.C. had the third-most sightings behind Ontario and Quebec. It seems, even the aliens know our place in the ...

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Ufology books

Pseudoscience and Science Fiction

by: Andrew May

Aliens, flying saucers, ESP, the Bermuda Triangle, antigravity … are we talking about science fiction or pseudoscience? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference.

Both pseudoscience and science fiction (SF) are creative endeavours that have little in common with academic science, beyond the superficial trappings of jargon and subject matter. The most obvious difference between the two is that pseudoscience is presented as fact, not fiction. Yet like SF, and unlike real science, pseudoscience is driven by a desire to please an audience – in this case, people who “want to believe”.
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Scientific Ufology: Roswell and Beyond--How Scientific Methodology Can Prove the Reality of Ufos

by: Kevin D. Randle
For the last fifty years, there has been a consistent attempt to withhold solid information about alien visitation from the general public. Newly released letters reveal how time and again the U.S. government and its military forces have lied about their involvement in UFO research. Now, for the first time, noted author Kevin D. Randle--one of the most respected names in UFO research--examines the physical evidence of these visitors from beyond our solar system. Ignoring biased goverment documents and sensationalized media accounts, Randle mounts the first serious, independent analysis of UFO phenomena in this hard-hitting investigative report by using methods of scientific methodology to scrutinize, among other things, eyewitness reports, photographs and video footage, and radar images.
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by: James Tynion IV
Becky Finch never wanted to be special. She just wanted to be a normal high school student in the small, Midwestern town of Mukawgee. Malcolm Chamber wanted something more. A destiny. An answer from the stars. When Becky is marked by an alien’s touch, she’ll stumble into a mystery she never wanted. A mystery that almost ripped apart both their parents’ lives 12 years ago. She’ll need the help of her eccentric young classmate, Malcolm, as she finds the power within herself to uncover the truth.
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The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries Ufology

by: Paul Weston
This book is a unique exploratory of a visionary realm that helped to shape the modern development of the mystical capital of Britain. It shows the influence of ideas concerning Atlantis and Ancient Astronauts during the heady days of the sixties and seventies and places them alongside ley lines and Katherine Maltwood's landscape zodiac. Includes: remarkable previously untold UFO experience of author Anthony Roberts and the huge unpublished book it inspired. Atlantis of the Heart. From Dion Fortune to space migration.
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Profiles In UFOlogy - Michio Kaku

Originally aired in 1999. Interview with Physicist Michio Kaku. Profiles In UFOlogy is a unique video series of interviews with some of the most interesting ...

Alien Drone Caught Watching ISS Space Walk? Tragedy Hits Ufology 10/17/16

Space nation: http://asgardia.space/concept Pentagon tape: https://goo.gl/YK9CYH Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting ...

They're Here! Mass UFO Sightings & The Covert Campaign Against Ufology! 6/19/16

Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, information on the government coverup, and the alien activity happening on and ...

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Profiles In UFOlogy - John Schuessler

Originally aired in 1999. Interview with then International Director for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.) Profiles In UFOlogy is a unique video series of interviews ...